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notes on ordering:


All our site plans will be delivered in digital format with a turnaround time of 24 hours. If your order is placed after 8pm (pacific time) on Friday, you will receive your order on Monday.


If the public data for your county is incomplete, we will need to ask you for more information in order to complete your site plan.


All our plans are delivered in PDF format. If you want a JPEG file, let us know and we can send it to you, FREE of charge.

Don’t worry if you don’t pick the right package, we can always tweak your order. 


If you need to rework your site plan, based on feedback from your city planning office, we would be happy to work with you in applying the requested changes.

refund policy


If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, we guarantee a full refund. As this relates to our service of non-certified plans, a clear distinction is made compared to the scope and expectations of certified or stamped plans which require site visits by surveyors or architects. As clearly stated in our description of services, the site plans we render are not certified, as we do not make site visits to your property.


Please be mindful that the nature of our services are bound by the data captured by our geographic data providers in conjunction with relevant county public records. Through your property address and these sources, we generate your site plan following a quality metrics process.


In the event that modifications to the site plan be required by your planning office, please give us the opportunity to make the necessary changes, free of charge.

Please note that revisions should fall within the capabilities afforded by the technology we depend on.

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